55mm 3pc DRoo Herb Grinder – Black


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55mm Threadless 3pc DRoo Herb Grinder – Black


Introducing the DRoo – the perfect prescription for all your herb grinding needs! Measuring in at only 55mm, the DRoo is a 3-piece threadless grinder that’s the perfect size for those looking for a grinder that’s both compact and efficient.

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening traditional grinders with the DRoo’s threadless design, which lets you access your medicine by simply lifting of the bottom chamber away from the top. With the DRoo’s powerful magnets, all compartments are held securely in place until you need to access them, which prevents any residue from getting stuck in-between. It even stays closed if dropped!

Built to last and made from high-quality aluminum, the DRoo’s compact size and precision shredding and chopping capabilities makes it ideal for grinding your herbs to the perfect consistency. You can count on the DRoo to deliver dependable results with every grind. But that’s not all! The DRoo is not only easy to use, but it’s also budget friendly. Here at Grinderoo, we wanted to provide a cheaper 3-piece threadless alternative to the grinder market and that’s exactly what we did! Clocking in at (insert price here), you’ll get top-shelf quality for an excellent price.

The DRoo comes in four vibrant colors: black, pink, red, and green, so you can pick the one that best suits your preferences. Having multiple grinders in different colors also allows you to easily distinguish between different types of strains, so you know the difference between your sativa, indica, and your hybrids.

So don’t be a drongo, grab yourself a DRoo and #MedicateToday!

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A.B. (Queensland)
55mm 3pc DDroo

Awesome little grinder sharp, non stick & is a great size to take out nice & compact.