63mm 4pc Grinderoo Grinder – Amethyst


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63mm 4pc Grinderoo Grinder – Amethyst


If you’re searching for a no-nonsense grinder to add to your collection, give the GrindeROO OG a go! This 4-Piece 63mm Herb Grinder is as fierce as a boxing kangaroo – its aluminium, shark-tooth construction featuring multiple compartments makes it a fan favourite. If you’re a herb enthusiast, the OG is bound to leave you impressed… and pack a knockout punch to your buds!

As one of the leading pioneers in Australian-designed grinders, GrindeROO has sought to keep the herb connoisseur in mind with our products. In fact, we want our grinder to be your ‘daily driver’!

That’s why the OG features a rad design with optimised zinc ion/aluminium teeth, guaranteed to shred your herb to the perfect size. Crush your herbs for years to come with the GrindeROO OG!

The GrindeROO OG also features a 60 micron screen for amazing pollen collection – and we got rid of the typical kief scraper for a more user-friendly ‘guitar pick’ design.

Grab yourself a GrindeROO and CRUSH IT today!

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