Arizer Air SE – Blue Haze (On Sale!)

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The Air SE is the new budget conscious Portable Vaporizer from Canadian Manufacturer Arizer.


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The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer – Blue HAze

Introducing the perfect Dry Herb Vaporizer for beginners and budget-conscious consumers. Everything Arizer is known for in a slimmed down economical package: Quality & Performance, Smooth & Tasty Vapor. Advanced rapid heating ceramic technology, 5 preset temperatures, micro-USB charging, plus a convenient Use While Charging feature. Available in Reefer White and translucent Blue Haze.

Who’s the Arizer Air SE for?

The Arizer Air SE dry herb vaporizer is for anyone that wants to experience the Arizer difference without breaking the bank.

Enjoy comfy, flavourful vapour from a small, lightweight vaporizer that comes equipped with industry-standard features like fast heat up, replaceable battery, and pass-through charging.

If you’re looking for exceptional sessions at an extremely attractive price point, the Arizer Air SE is it.

Signature Arizer vapour quality

The Arizer Air SE is low on the price scale but its vapour remains top-notch. A conduction and convection heating system efficiently cooks your herbs while a pure glass stem mouthpiece provides a clean vapour path for comfortable vapour that’s both cool and flavourful.

Like all of Arizer’s vaporizers, the Air SE utilises a ceramic heating element that’s both efficient and effective.

One minute heat-up

time Signature Arizer sessions are ready to go in under a minute with the Arizer Air SE vaporizer. Fire it up from cold all the up to the highest temperature in just under a minute, and from low settings in around 30.

10 minute sessions

Enjoy long, relaxing sessions with the Arizer Air SE’s extended sessions. Fire it up and enjoy your herbs at your own pace through its 10-minute long session timer.

Over an hour of battery life

And with these long, extended sessions, enjoy over an hour of pure, high quality vapour. The Arizer Air SE portable vaporizer utilises a single standard 18650 battery and grants users over 60 minutes of session time on a single charge.

Replaceable battery with pass-through charging

Never miss a puff with the Arizer Air SE’s replaceable battery and pass-through charging. When you’re all out of juice, just plug it in and use it while it’s charging or swap out its rechargeable 18650 battery if you’re out and about.

Pocketable design that’s lightweight and durable

The Arizer Air SE opts for a lighter, yet durable design with a tough, polymer shell. It cuts the weight down by 15g over the original Arizer Air (102g vs 117g) but maintains a strong, durable design that fits snug inside a pant pocket or purse with or without the glass mouthpiece

Custom Session Settings

Enjoy five preset temperature control settings for a variety of experiences, from 356F / 180C all the way up to 410F / 210C.

Blue: 356°F / 180°C
Pink: 274°F / 190°C
Green: 392°F / 200°C
Yellow: 401°F / 205°C
Red: 410°F / 210°C

Two button controls

Controls with the Arizer Air SE are simple and easy to master. Turn it on, choose your temperature, and shut it off with just two buttons and two light indicators.


Whats included

  • Air SE Vaporizer
  • Glass Aroma Tube
  • PVC Travel Tube
  • USB Cable
  • String Tool
  • Screen Pack


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I.a.m. (South Australia)
Great Home/Travel Unit

Firstly, with herb and vapour confined to all glass from start to finish it has great taste. I'd certainly recommend a course grind and ignoring the mesh screens to make the most of the design. Pure flavour chasers might want to consider the Argo or Solo 2 for sub 180c temps and precise control, but this unit is much better value and has all the temp settings you need. Hell, sometimes I skip my Desktop Arizer with precise control for the steel mesh free pure taste.

While you can fit this in your pocket, with the heater & bowl/stem taking up real estate plus whatever herb/accessories you carry you'll need big pockets.

As a travel unit it is great, especially with a travel battery pack/charger so you can just swap out batteries. This also helps at home as you may run the battery too low mid session that the pass through function won't work for 5-10mins.