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Arizer Glass Beaded Rocket Stem Australia


These Arizer beaded Air filters work very efficiently at removing heat from your vapour delivering unparalleled cooling power, making it a must-have addition for every discerning vape enthusiast.

The XL Rocket Stem takes cooling to the next level with its ingenious design. Meticulously engineered for optimal cooling efficiency, this stem offers a compact and efficient form. Equipped with a built-in glass bowl and a permanent glass screen, the stem consistent performance. Moreover, the integration of glass beads serves a dual purpose – effectively cooling down the vapor and acting as a reliable filter to prevent any unwanted particles from reaching your mouth.

The Rocket Stem takes your Arizer experience to new heights, surpassing conventional straight stems with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying water around, as the XL Rocket Stem guarantees an unmatched vaping experience without the need for it. Experience the full flavour and smoothness of your favourite herbs, as the stem cools down the vapor effectively, delivering a delightful sensation with every draw.

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