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Customer Reviews

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K. (Victoria)
No fuss warranty service

Although it was most likely my fault my battery in my unit died, there was absolutely no pushback on using the warranty to get a replacement. They even had a local supplier that was able to check and replace my unit so I didn’t have to post it to Canada. Great brand, great service and they stick to their warranty guarantee

J. (New South Wales)

The product is great, but if you need it, the warranty service is even better!

S. (Queensland)
Great Warranty Service

Had an issue with an Arizer unit while still under warranty and Arizer Canada directed me to their AUS agent, DHVA, who replaced the unit promptly and without any hassle

Anonymous (Victoria)

Great service, very fast

P.J. (New South Wales)
Excellent warranty service on Arizer products

Helpful quick efficient warranty work, this company is a great agent for Arizer

A. (New South Wales)
Quick, efficient service

Took my repair number from Arizer in America and replaced my unit. Good service.

P. (New South Wales)
I'm impressed

Unlike ' Australia' in Brisbane where I purchased online my AirMax 10 mths ago, I am 100% confident to recommend Dryherbvaporizers and Arizer products and their service centre/warranty. I'm sure the issue with the AirMax was a one off thingy (I seem to be a magnet for that) and would definitely get another. However I would only purchase it from a trusted seller next time unlike that mob in Brisbane who couldn't give a rat's. That's if they even or eventually reply to you about your issue. Useless, lesson learnt and never again. Thanks DHV, you've won me over!