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The Solo II is the Premium Portable Vaporizer from Canadian Manufacturer Arizer.

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The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer


The Arizer Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer is an amazing piece of kit. We might even go so far as to say that it looks like it could end up as the best vaporizer of 2017.The Arizer Solo 2 works along the same lines as it ‘s older brother, the Solo, but it punches harder, lasts longer and has more adjustability than ever before.


The Arizer Solo 2 – Amazing flavour!

The Arizer Solo 2 uses the same stainless steel oven and ceramic heating element setup as the original Solo. One of the reasons they kept this original format was because of the unrivaled purity of flavor that was offered with this setup and when you first try using one you can instantly see why. For the same reason, they have kept the same Aroma Tubes as the original. The reason this whole combination gives such good flavor is that instead of loading your herbs into the actual oven, you load them into the base of the glass Aroma Tube and then insert that into the oven. This means that your herbs are only ever coming in contact with glass, so there is nothing that can possibly contaminate your clean tasty flavor.


The Arizer Solo 2 – What ‘s new?

Pretty much everything else about the Solo has been improved in The Arizer Solo 2. From the ground up, they have looked at ways to improve efficiency and function and they have really done an amazing job. Where the original used LED ‘s on the front to indicate the temperature level that the device was set to,The Arizer Solo 2 has a full LCD display that gives you a load of information as well as letting you adjust a lot more settings than the Solo. Under normal use the screen tells you the battery level at the top, the current temp in the middle and your temperature setting at the bottom, so with this new The Arizer Solo 2 you will always know what is going on. The first of the settings to be improved drastically was the temperature control. They have given you two choices for how you adjust the temperature, the first option allows you to adjust the temp in 10 degree jumps which allows you to make big changes in temp with just a couple of clicks. The second options lets you adjust the temp in one degree increments, giving you ultimate control over the temperature of your vapor and the level of flavor you get out of your material. They have also given you the ability to adjust things like how long the device stays on when you use it, how bright the screen is and the unit of temperature (either C or F). The Arizer Solo 2 really is a complete evolution of the original Solo.


The Arizer Solo 2 – What does it come with?

The The Arizer Solo 2 kit has pretty much everything you could want it to included right out of the box. As well as The Arizer Solo 2 itself and the mains charger for it, they give you two of their Aroma Tubes with it. One is 110mm long and one is 90mm long so you have options for different types of vapor experience. They include caps for the vapor tubes which means you can carry them fully loaded and ready to go without having to worry that your material is going to fall out and get wasted. For home aromatherapy use they provide an Aroma Dish which is great for when you want to use things like Lavender to make your home smell nice. On top of all of that they include a little stirring tool to make sure your herbs are fully vaporized and a belt clip pouch which securely holds your Arizer Solo 2 and both of the Aroma Tubes so that you are ready to go, anytime, anywhere.


The Arizer Solo 2 – Easy Cleaning

Thanks to the simple oven design, cleaning The Arizer Solo 2 is just a case of emptying out any loose material and giving it a quick wipe with an swab or a cotton bud soaked in isopropyl alcohol. You ‘ll have it clean and shiny again in seconds.


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Customer Reviews

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K.M. (Western Australia)
Simply the best

great vaporiser, easy to use, lasts years even with heavy use.

E.F. (New South Wales)
Mystic Blue

I LOVE my Arizer vape! However, I'm not using it 100% of the time like I wish I could, it's due to using more weed than usual. It's a money factor, I'm on a pension & due to the vape requiring a course grind it uses more weed than when I do my usual grind. I was going through weed at a rate that I can't afford. If I could afford to buy more weed I'd use it everytime I smoke so I'm a bit bummed that finances are preventing me from using my vape 100% of the time. If there's a solution I'd appreciate being told, thank you 🙏

S.B. (New South Wales)
Airizer 2

I brought one for myself used it for 2/3 yrs great unit not only for smoking but the Health benefits are felt within a week or so my chest and lungs have never felt better no cough no black spit, that good i brought another one for a family member, use less smokeo so save money in the long run plus the taste you have to try to believe how much flavour you get i wish i had one 20yrs ago try this you will never smoke a bong again. excellent built quality (like a tank and just as tough Great bang for your Dollars

D.C. (Queensland)

I bought two of these. A blue one for myself and a black one as a gift to a cousin. The Solo 2, if it's in your price range, is the vape you're looking for. Battery lasts forever, easy to clean, good taste, great draw resistance, stupid easy to use, less than a minute to start, the metal and glass feel great in hand and mouth. It's hard to imagine vapes getting much better than this. Only negative was that it didn't come with a dry herb sample pack that the box said was supposed to be in it, honestly though I don't really care.

Slowly increasing the temp as you go seems to be the best way to use. I recommend medium grind and packing so there'll be enough room to mix. Start vape at 190°C with 2 or 3 slow draws, remove the tube and mix the herb, set at 205°C for another 2 or 3 slow draws, remove tube and mix, max vape temp at 220°C and finish off the timer. Default set at 10 minutes which, when using that method, times up nicely. You might discover a better method, I've had the unit barely a week.

Do make sure to do the sanitation process that I myself nearly missed in the instruction manual. Set to max temp for ten minutes, repeat another two times. Miss this and you WILL be breathing in left over machine oil.

I'm very happy with my purchase, even with the particularly high price. The only way I can imagine getting another vape further on is if I decide I need a desktop vape or something happens to this one after warranty; though as of right now I'd probably just get another Solo 2.