Cloud Vault Personal Filter



Cloud Vault Personal Mouthpiece Filter


✔️ 1 x Mouth Piece

✔️ 1 x Filter

✔️ 1 x Decal Stickers (Use on the Cloud Vault / or / Where you see fit)

Exhale no Trail

Smoke without unpleasant odours and lingering clouds!

Our long lasting filter keeps your activities discrete. When your ready, keep your Mouthpiece and attach a fresh Filter to continue enjoying a considerate and discrete smoke.

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Customer Reviews

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N.G. (Victoria)
Works perfect, cheaper than Smoke Buddy or Billy Mate

Works! I have a poor sense of smell so no idea how well this is trapping odours, but this works to stop smoke or vapour clouding my room or setting off smoke alarms. Also when window shut in Winter helps reduce harm to my pet from passively inhaling particulate matter.

I use an air purifier also and notice that when using the Cloud Vault, particle levels remain low. Without the cloud vault, exhaling will show 100-300 ppm when combusting.

Highly recommended! Seems cheaper for filter replacements than the Smoke Buddy or Billy Mate also.

R.S. (Australian Capital Territory)
Zero Smell Zero Smoke Happy Campers!

Perfect for all things discreet