CloudV Jet Vaporizer – Black

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The CloudV Jet is portable and discreet oil vaporizer.

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CloudV Jet Vaporizer


CloudV Jet essential oil vaporizer for vape juices and liquid oils!

Portable and easy to use!

CloudV Jet vaporizer will soon become your favorite liquid essential oil vape. It features a strong 450mAh battery with preheat option and 3 voltage settings and a liquid cartridge free of cotton and wicks.

Jet kit includes:
1 Liquid Atomizer
1 450mAh Battery
1 USB Charger

Jet Dimensions:
0.6″ x 0.9″ x 3.7″

Voltage Settings are:
Green – 3.0V
Blue – 3.7V
Red – 4.2V

How does the CloudV Jet work?

Once unpackaged, your CloudV Jet Vaporizer will be locked. To unlock it, you should press the button 5 times in sequence. It will blink to indicate that it is unlocked. For the highest performance, you should charge your Cloud no longer than 1 hour for full charge before use.
You can change the voltage settings by pressing the button 3 times in sequence. To use the preheat option, press the button 2 times in sequence.
Use the preheat option when you are using thick essential oils. This will liquify the oil and make it easier to be vaporized.

How does the CloudV Slim charge?

Connect the USB cable to the charging port. Insert the USB Charger into the charging device. Remove the battery when the red LED light turns off.
Do not overload the atomizer. It is suggested to fill 2/3 of the volume for the best performance. Make sure your battery is locked after use to avoid activation. This vaporizer is not intended for concentrates or ground products.


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