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Mighty & Crafty Vaporizer Glass Bubbler and Adapter

This is the best way to attach a water bubbler to your Mighty / Crafty

This is an alternative to a threaded type of connection to your Mighty / Crafty. The common issue with threaded adapter is that the thread can be over-rotated causing unrepairable damage to the case of your device. This is easier than expected to do.

This bubbler kit is the solution!!

Instead the bubbler is connected to the mouthpiece via a silicone whip

Keep you vape super cool with this awesome bubbler for your Crafty or Mighty vaporizers.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Xvape Silicone Whip With Mouthpiece & Glass Adapter
  • 1 x Premium Water Bubbler


How to fill the water bubbler:

The bubbler is very easy to fill – just fill your bubbler from the top with ample water. The water will automatically drain through the bottom and leave the desired water level behind and the bubbler ready to use.

Additional information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J.F. (New South Wales)

I've tried several different bubblers and this is by far the best out of the lot
Works really well

G. (Victoria)
Mouthpiece Bubbler

The product is good. Well made and tubing fine. I gave it 4-star because it is a hassle to use. You have to juggle the bubbler with the Mighty, but a bigger problem, is that you have to be VERY careful not to get the Mighty+ wet! That devise is very expensive, and if you get it wet, say goodbye to your Mighty+. There is no doubt that using the Bubbler makes it much better for your throat. But it is a bit fiddly and keeping the Mighty+ far from the water.

J.B. (Western Australia)

You can hold the bubbler and crafty+ in one hand.

J.B. (Western Australia)

Good value could contain more water?

Anonymous (Victoria)
Great little device

Great device for the mighty. I personally like using it while sitting down, not a challenge but find it annoying having to hold the mighty and bubbler while standing.
Have recommended it to friends!

Good addition

Great addition to the mighty if the vape is a little too warm for you or if you just like using water filtration the whip can get a little memory to it so I've found warming it it hot water then leaving it to cool and dry laying out fixes the issue the bubbler is good if you have it in your portable kit but the water can leak if you over fill. I've been using my own little 14mm perc and it's been cooling and had no issues with it though you will need to eventually clean the inside of the whip