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Crafty & Mighty Silicone Rocket Stem Filter


Experience Serious Cooling On-The-Go

Get ready to be blown away by the extraordinary power and abundant vapour production of the Crafty+ and Mighty+ portable vaporizers. These incredible devices deliver some of the most voluminous and high-quality vapour available. However, we understand that the intense hit can sometimes leave you craving a cooler experience, especially when water isn’t readily available on your travels. That’s where the XL Rocket Stem for Crafty+ and Mighty+ comes in.

Unleash Cooling Power with Glass Beads

Designed with innovation in mind, the Rocket Stem offers substantial cooling in a compact form. With a built-in screen and easy maintenance, this stem incorporates clever glass beads that not only provide cooling but also help to trap any flower pieces, ensuring a smooth and clean vape session. Instead of hot vapour hitting your throat directly, it will pass through a screen and into the XL Rocket Stem, where it undergoes a cooling transformation.


Introducing the Ultimate Crafty+ or Mighty+ Stem

Measuring just over 4″ tall, the Rocket Stem is the perfect travel companion, delivering exceptional cooling that surpasses what a regular straight stem of this length can provide. Whether you’re embarking on an adventure with your Crafty+ or Mighty+, or even the original Crafty or Mighty vaporizer, the XL Rocket Stem is the ideal accessory to achieve a rich and flavourful vapour, all without the need for water.

Elevate your vaping experience with the XL Rocket Stem for Crafty+ or Mighty+. Your ticket to cool, satisfying hits wherever you roam.



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