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DynaVap DynaKit Deluxe


This Kit includes the accessories you will need to keep your DynaVap device happy.

The Deluxe kit includes all of the items in the Basic DynaKit, and then some. Premium Titanium CCD screens are included, along with a strong DynaMag which is included to provide touch-free handling of a hot Cap. A triple torch lighter will provide optimal heating results and a SnapStash was added for smaller storage.

The full list of items included in this DynaKit: Deluxe:

  • Cyclone (Triple Torch)
  • DynaWax
  • Cotton Pipe Cleaners – hard bristle (5 pack)
  • Fat Mouthpiece
  • Titanium CCD (3 pack)
  • Condenser O-Rings (3 pack)
  • High-Temp O-Rings (5 pack)
  • DynaMag
  • SnapStash: Small
  • Two Plastic Storage Tubes



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Barry J.
Very useful compliment to your Dynavap

It's always handy to have spare parts and this collection will give you spares for all of the items which will break down over time.
The magnet is super useful for holding upright and cooling, I mounted mine onto a brass disc and it's honestly quite amazing how fast the cap cools down.
The cyclone torch is total rubbish and should bo be thrown in the bin. If there was a better torch in this kit it would have been 5 stars as everything else is great.