Dynavap The 2021 VONG



The Dyanvap is a revolution in battery free vaporizers.



Dynavap The 2021 VONG Vaporizer


Wood and Titanium ambitiously coalesce to form our new interpretation of The VonG.

An eclipsing airport is empowered by the VonG’s exclusive titanium liner and a precision machined rotating sleeve, retained by dual titanium crowns paying homage to the original Ti Woodies.

Moving on to the tip. Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber incorporates our 2 position adjust-a-bowl and a trisected 5 fin profile.

Finally, a combined 10 and 14mm tapered mouthpiece tastefully seals the deal for use with water-pieces.

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Customer Reviews

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A. (Victoria)

I already own 2018 model M, which can be used with 10mm bong, but the seal is a bit imperfect. Decided to get the Vong for better seal and its cool look & shape, although I was being sceptical whether it would make any difference apart from handling and aestethic. Not sure why, but the Vong does hit stronger than M - the extraction works better for some reason. It's obvious that Dynavap is improving the performance of their newer models, not just making them look better.

A.L. (New South Wales)
After using this smoking becomes obselete

I have dynavap hoarder friends and have tried the 2020 m and omni however, i prefer this to both of them. Only issue i had was it has some weird orange stuff in the indentations but a little bit of sanding fixed it up 10/10 device would recommend

Anonymous (Queensland)

Goes ok

D.V. (Victoria)
Awesome little vape

This thing is awesome. Hits great dry, hits even better in a water piece. Fits 14mm joints no problem. It took me a couple days to figure out how to get decent rips out of it but once I got the technique down it gets the job done incredibly well. Can definitely recommend.

Phil C. (Victoria)
Most nicerest DynaVap I own

Discovered DynaVap in January 20 and from my first M I stopped using my electric vapes. Since then I succumbed to VAS and collected a total of 5 various M’s so I really didn’t need to buy this beautiful 2021 VonG… but I simply loved the new design and had to try one… VAS again LOL.
Excellent service from DHV, and I’m very happy with my new VonG. Would absolutely recommend.