Dynavap The OMNI Nice Bundle



The Dyanvap is a revolution in battery free vaporizers.

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Dynavap The OMNI Vaporizer Nice Bundle


The Omni Starter Pack includes:

  • The Omni
  • DynaStash XL ER: Purpleheart
  • DynaCoil
  • Cyclone Triple Torch
  • 5 x High Temp O-Rings
  • 1 x Titanium CCD
  • DynaWax
  • The Wand Induction Heater


DynaVap’s flagship device, The Omni.

  • Made entirely in the USA from lightweight titanium that’s built to last
  • Notched dosing chamber functions as a built in grinder
  • Adjust-a-Bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing
  • A dial-indicator for a quick and easy visual airflow adjustment
  • Spiraled condenser that adds additional cooling to the vapor as it passes through the device
  • A contoured design that fits perfectly in your hand for ease of use


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Customer Reviews

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S.R. (New South Wales)
Everything you need to switch to vaping with an Omni and Induction Heater

I can't express how much I love my Omni.. My freight Train Pro (ball vape) starts the evening off and the omni is my favorite vape to sit in front of the TV with, great flavor, complete extraction, a little bit in the Omni can feel like a whole joint. Great for joint smokers wanting to get into vaping as you can still get the feel and ritual of using a torch or transition to the ease of using the induction heater; All with a little, light weight device that feel great spinning between your fingers. Buying from DHV Team, we had a little hiccup with a mix up where I was delivered the wrong device; but the customer service was excellent, I returned the incorrect device and they sent me out the right one all in the same week. Will definitely buy from them again.

A.M.M. (Queensland)
Quick journey

Starting with some advice I start looking for a nice, sturdy and easy to use vaporiser, and I found this team, easy to deal with, I got all I need from them, I should get some extras (is always nice to have something after you expend a good amount in one go) I got a sticker tho! Postage as I payed express was never quicker, I wish it was more 121 communication and the option to build your own kit with a good deal, you ending having stuff you already had. Overall a good quick experience.

B.M. (New South Wales)
Awesome Kit

This is everything you need from Dynavap. The only thing missing in this kit is the Dynavap glass adaptor for the Wand. But they sell it separately for $30+ so don’t forget to add it to your cart! Amazing product and in perfect condition as described. I will recommend this website to everyone!