Flowermate Nano Vaporizer

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The Nano is the newest Dry Herb Vaporizer from Flowermate.



Flowermate Nano Vaporizer

Introducing the Flowermate V5 Nano. Evolving from the Flowermate V5 Pro Mini, the V5 Nano is the latest in portable aromatherapy technology. Featuring a removable 18650 battery, the Nano puts the user in direct control of the longevity of the device. As before, this unit is perfect for on-the-go use with heat up time for the Nano as rapid as 30 seconds. The size of the unit makes it ultra-discreet and easy to conceal. Other key features include those found throughout the V5 series such as a borosilicate mouthpiece that can be disassembled and tucked into the actual device for easy storage and less smell, large chamber for single or group sessions, and fully isolated air path to ensure a clean and pure taste of the material being consumed.

  • Black Ceramic Chamber
  • Removable Battery
  • Travel Friendly Design
  • Full Temperature Control
  • Easy Load Funnel


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Great Vape!

This is a great Vape, and an awesome update to the previous Flowermate models.
Quick heat up time, hepatic feedback, easy to load and great taste and vapor.

One of my favorite vapes

Out of all my vapes (fury 2, mighty, volcano) this is easily the one i use most often. With its replaceable battery, you can just keep swapping out 18650s and batch charge them at once.
It comes in relatively compact form factor. being able to store the glass mouthpiece is a huge plus. Its got a great minimalist design that's very unassuming, so vaping out in public doesn't draw much attention. The dosing capsules are a must, they make for less frequent cleaning and a more convenient refill.
This thing is also very efficient, i use the vape with dosing capsules and set my temp to 215c, and i always get great results.
The price makes this to be fantastic value for money,replaceable 18650s, glass mouthpiece, solid construction, small formfactor, and great performance.

But this vape does have some drawbacks:
The mouth piece is not very easy to clean, and gets quite hot.
Dosing capsules while premium, are a little pricey compared to something like the mighty.
Conduction heating makes for a session vape, the heating of the chamber means that the herb is continuously cooked, even when you've just turned it off.
But those don't come close to a deal breaker especially considering the price.

Great device, good price

Simple device to use. Temperature control works well to get exactly what you want. Relatively easy to clean, battery does run out fast at higher temperatures but there are ways to get around that.

Great in many ways

I've had a number of potable vapes including a Mighty, Crafty & Arizer Solo - what stands out about this unit are things like the ease of cleaning, replaceable battery, speed of heating and evenness of heat withon the chamber, the list really could go on. At this price I would be stunned if there was anything better, I actually prefer it over my Mighty now which was a hell of a lot more $'s.
I love this vape!


My first herb vape and it's so easy to use and clean after each session ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars!! Thank you.

Nice unit, great vapour

I’ve only had this for just over a week
Bought this mainly for short hits/micro dosing
It’s more compact than I expected which was a nice surprise
Pretty solid unit, except the clear plastic face with the buttons that rattle a little and feels a bit cheap.
Other than that, it’s quality
I’m Loving the SS pod, takes more heat to get going as you would expect but it’s pretty handy and keeps the bowl clean so maintainable is awesome. Just clean the pod