HEBE – Titan 1

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Hebe Titan 1

The Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer is the inspiration for many different vaporizers sold under many  different brands and names. In most cases they fail to live up to the original. The Hebe Titan 1 is a high quality, super functional vaporizer that conserves your material, is easy on the wallet, and easy to use. It is a tried and true, durable design with many benefits and great performance.

Specially designed vaporizer pen for dry herb
Designed to conserve material
2200mah battery gives up to 30 minutes continuous use per charge
Easy operation with well designed chamber
3 heat settings: 360 degrees (red LED), 380 degrees (green LED), 420 degrees (blue LED)
Lightweight and easy to carry
USB charger on bottom of unit

Battery Capacity: 2200mah
Working Voltage: 3.v-4.2V
Charging Input: 5V, 1A

Box Contents:
1 Titan 1 Body
1 USB Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
5 Mesh Filter Screens
4 Silicone Covers
1 User Manual


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Plastic too brittle

Love this type of vape. Very similar to my NZ bought and made "uneek". Sadly just like my uneek one the plastic that the mouth piece is made of can not stand the heat it is inevitably exposed too. Just three days of use and cracks have started to appear and given that you kinda twist/roll it off I cant see it lasting much longer. These are great vapes that otherwise work well. They should supply spare mouthpieces or change the type that f plastic used.