Hitoki Trident Laser (On Sale!)

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Hitoki – use pure laser energy to burn your favourite strain

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Hitoki Trident Laser Waterpipe


By combining a classic ritual with modern tech, Hitoki proudly introduces the first clean laser combustion smoking device.

The Trident’s patent-pending laser system was designed for the ultimate smoking experience that features a modern minimalist design that is meant to be displayed. Elevate your sessions with lasers for a uniquely satisfying experience as you view the Tridents laser beam in action. After using the Trident’s laser system, you will feel like you’re already on Mars.

There’s a lot to love about the  hitoki Trident Laser Waterpipe. First off, we’re obsessed with the sleek and elegant design made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will look great on anyone’s shelf.

It’s truly worthy of being shown off, and that’s just the superficial part of it.

When it comes to the features this bong provides, we can’t say enough about its excellent integrated water filtration that ensures that every hit is smooth, the multiple power settings that personalize each session, the safety interlocks that make sure no one gets hurt using the cool laser, the easy-to-use carb button, and super-long battery life (280+ uses per single charge, imagine that).

Its removable ceramic loading chamber makes packing a hit easy, while the instant combustion lets you enjoy hits within a matter of seconds.

It’s no wonder that they claim to provide the cleanest smoking experience because it truly is an adventure worthy of having at least once in a cannabis-filled life.



1x Trident Laser Device
1x USB-C charging cable
1x High output adaptor
1x Loading chamber
1x Silicone hookah hose
1x Hose connecter
1x Metal compressor

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