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The Great Performing Kingtons Black Widow Vaporizer.



Authentic Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer by Kingtons


Black Widow Vaporizer Design

The Black Widow weighs 190g with a dimension size of 128mm in height by 44m in width by 26mm wider. It is a little bit taller than the original PAX and although the Black Widow is not as small as the PAX 3, it will still fit in most pockets – a bit bulkier thou.

The overall finish of the Black Widow vaporizer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. So the Black Widow is light, durable yet shiny in appearance.

Unlike, other dry herb vaporizers that have plastic made mouthpiece. The Black Widow’s mouthpiece is made of high-quality metal, with a rubber seal on its base and a magnetic locking feature. The rubber seal ensures there’s no leakage of air and the magnetic locking feature keeps the mouthpiece stay in place. So you don’t have to worry about the mouthpiece quality degrades and loosen after repeated usage.

This unit uses ceramic heating chamber that is deep and narrow. The Black Widow can store about a half gram of herb.

The Black Widow is a conduction style vaporizer similar to PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ, that uses ceramic heating chamber. This means you get the most decent use of your dry herb or concentrates. It works great for dry herb, but I don’t really like it with wax, and the wax pot is also very hard to use. Black Widow gives a decent amount of vapor when I put it on higher settings. BTW, the Black Widow offers five temperature settings ranging from 356°F up to 428°F.

Included with the Black Widow kit is:

  • Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Set of tweezers
  • Chamber packing tool
  • Concentrate insert
  • 2 spare screens
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Instruction manual


Note: This device does not come with its own charger but is instead comes with a USB Charge Cable that is compatible with any 5V USB charger, such as a phone charger or computer USB port.


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Customer Reviews

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J. (New South Wales)
It was great while it still worked!

It worked pretty well for the first month or two. Every time I charged it, it seemed to have less and less juice the next time. By the third month, it would take hours apon hours to get to "full" charge and then it would run out of juice within a couple of minutes. Not worth it.

J.K. (Queensland)

Rubbish waist of money.. doesn't heat up properly.

P. (Queensland)
Great device for under $100

Great extraction draws like a pipe & cooks it to a crisp. Hard to fault it for the money

S. (Queensland)
Great Gift

Great purchasing experience.

L.B. (Queensland)
Don't waste your money

I'll start by saying the warranty return process was easy and DHV were great.

This was my first vape, so it was great to use from the start. Easy to use, temp adjustment. Unfortunately died in less than 6 months after very light usage, due to a faulty battery.
Also does not have an isolated airpath, so all that hot air you're sucking in gets drawn over the battery/electronics etc, who knows what you're breathing in. Since been told to avoid the Kington brand entirely.

Do yourself a favor and go with something like the XMax V3 Pro

W.P. (Queensland)
Don't buy

Isn't worth it doesn't burn well enough, 100$ I'll take the loss