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Yocan Magneto Concentrate Vaporizer – Silver

As soon as we saw the new Magneto concentrate vaporizer from Yocan we could instantly tell it was going to be one of the coolest designs of portable vaporizers that we had seen in a long, long time. They have put a huge amount of thought into the design and it does pretty much everything you could ever want from a portable concentrate vape.

One of the key features of this thick pen style vaporizer, and one of the things that sets it apart from almost every other pen on the market, is that instead of the usual threaded fittings for the various parts of the device, they have used magnetic connections to keep all the parts held together. All those other devices which use threaded connections will seem like such a pain to use one you have tried the Magneto. The fine threads can be a pain even when they are clean, but once you factor in all the dirt and resin that will eventually build up on your device and you consider the possibility of cross threading them, the option of having a magnetic connection instead seems like a total no brainer.

The other big problem they saw that people were having was the one of dealing with the task of carrying and handling all the sticky waxes and oils that this device uses. To solve the issue of storage they have hidden a small silicone container within the bottom of the battery section of the device which can hold up to 2ml of concentrate. That means that as long as you have your Magneto, you also have your concentrates! The next problem for users of portable concentrate vaporizers was that they need to be able to move and manipulate their concentrates which means having some kind of dabing tool. The biggest problem here is carrying something which is going to both leave sticky residue on any thing it touches and the fact that any dirt or dust is going to stick to the tool. They solved this by building a magnetic dabbing tool into the atomizer cap which sits in the top of the atomizer. You simply pull it out, use it to get your concentrates into the atomizer and then place it back into the top of the atomizer.

This really is one of the most convenient and simple devices to use and we can’t get enough of them. The 1100mAh battery is charged by USB so it is easy to give it a boost anywhere you need to while you are on the go, and because of the big battery capacity it will last for plenty of sessions in between charges. Included in the Magneto kit are your Magneto atomizer, your 1100mAh Magneto battery, an instruction card and your USB charging cable. The unit is available in a choice of colors so select your preference from the dropdown menu above.

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