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Mighty+ and Mighty(oringinal) Silicon Sleeve Australia – Black

This is a classic Multi-Functional device for protecting your expensive Mighty+ Vaporizer, providing cooling assistance, keeping it clean and helping with odour, standing your vape upright and much more.


The Mighty+ Silicone Sleeve Cover serves as protection against external influences as well as insulation when your Mighty Vaporizer is getting hot near the end of your session. With the cover, the Mighty even stands!!. It also serves as a stand for the Mighty Plus, which is a great bonus (original Mighty included, one size fits all). The protective cover is made of strong soft silicone, well-made and you can of course still use all controls and connectors. Some thought has gone into making this one.

The Mighty+ SkinStand Can Save Your Device.

Motorcycle riders wear helmets to protect their heads, cars have airbags, but what are you using to keep one of the most high-end expensive vaporizers in your arsenal safe? The Mighty+ SkinStand is a precision-made silicone skin for your Mighty+ Vaporizer that has a high temperature tolerance that both mitigates heat while providing ample protection for your device. You know that we love it when a product is multi-faceted, so let’s take a look at this little masterpiece.

How does the SkinStand work?

Proliferated with holes and cut-outs throughout the sleeve, these gaps allow your vape to vent heat naturally plus it keeps your hands off the surface of the vape when it’s hot making it always feel cooler to hold than without a sleeve. The SkinStand also provides much better grip of your device, and we all know how important that gets towards the end of a decent session. Not only do the cut-outs vent the heat from the vape, but they also provide full access to all buttons/controls and the USB port including the display and of course the power button and loading tool.

Can you Stand It?

One thing we sell a lot of is Mighty and Mighty+ plastic and even metal Stands. The SkinStand has a flat bottom that will allow you to stand your device up so you will no longer need your Mighty Stand. The Mighty+ can’t stand on its own just like the original Mighty, even with the new M+ added tiny feet that still don’t allow you to stand your vape on a table. Similar to how our Mighty+ Stands work, you can now have your device standing up properly, making it much easier to load and allowing for a more natural use position and if it does happen to fall over your vape will not slide and will be protected by the soft silicone sleeve. It is also great if using an adapter whip from your swivel mouthpiece to your Bong, this is normally done using a Mighty+ Stand so you can keep your vape standing rather than lying it flat which isn’t helpful as far as cooling is concerned.

No more dropping your vape when out and about!

The Mighty+ SkinStand includes a dust cover to keep the odors in and away from prying nostrils while providing even more device impact & dust protection. You’ll remove the dust cover while using the device, leaving the silicone to end below the cooling unit providing unfettered access to your oven. Finally, there is a wrist strap included that will safely connect the device to your person. This could be very handy if Water Skiing while using your Mighty! Maybe the silicone will act like a life jacket too and make it float? Anything is possible. 👍

Your Mighty+ wasn’t cheap in the slightest, being able to add protection that looks as good as the security it provides is a no brainer. The SkinStand is available in Neon Green if you’re feeling racy or Jet Black for that classic rugged look.


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P.L. (Queensland)
Love it

Love my vapes and the sleeves protects it well great idea, fast delivery , competitive prices all round great company

S.T. (New South Wales)
In stock, fair price and speedy delivery

Always a gamble when purchasing from a new supplier. Why I always write a review! Dry Herb are a solid outfit. My order arrived as described and in a timely fashion. My vape always felt a little awks holding it but now with the silicone cover it feels right. The cap helps minimise the smell and the carry handle is a handy add-on!

D.O. (New South Wales)
Safe and steady

Protects unit well with inbuilt stand. Fits well.