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Piece Water – Advanced Cleaner

Piece Water’s unique proprietary blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts work to prevent resin from forming on your bong, water pipe, or bubbler. It’s 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic!

Add Piece Water to a clean bong and your bong will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change your bong’s piece water simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean! In addition, Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for cleaner and much smoother hits.

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P. (Australian Capital Territory)
Miracle in a Bottle

Absolutely incredible stuff. We use just a little each time. Swirl it around the glass and then top it up the rest of the way with regular water and it still works like a dream. Nothing sticks!

A.B. (New South Wales)

My partner loves this water, we have bought it from other stores but due to the virus we can’t buy it off shelf anymore. Through here it’s a lot cheaper then the place I get it from for him. However ordered it 2 weeks ago, and still waiting for it to turn up, that is the only downfall about ordering it off line. It didn’t turn up when it was suppose to.