Smoke Buddy Original Personal Filter – ECO Green (New!)


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Smoke Buddy Original Personal Filter – ECO Green

ECO Green with plant based plastic, better for the environment!!

Sometimes, even when vaporizing, a little smell can be unavoidable. If you don’t have a well-ventilated area to use your vaporizer, need to be super discreet or considerate of family and friends with sensitive noses, then the Smoke Buddy is the product for you.

The Smoke Buddy utilizes a carbon filter that eliminates smell from exhaled vapour. Just exhale into the mouthpiece and Smoke Buddy does the rest of the work for you, putting the carbon filter hard at work to eliminate odour and traces of visible vapour! Small, light and portable, the Smoke Buddy will be your best friend when it comes to vaping in front of family and friends.

Smoke Buddy is super easy to clean and maintain, it’s environmentally safe and lasts for 300+ uses, making it a discreet, effective and cheap solution to secondhand vapour.


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J.S. (New South Wales)

I've always bought smokebuddys as they're the best around. Also the cheapest I could find them selling to Australia

C.B. (Queensland)

Works well