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The Brick Junior Dry Herb Vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs.

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The Junior Vaporizer by Sticky Brick

Sticky Brick have really turned the vaping game on it’s head with their collection of unique, beautiful and efficient vaporizers. One of our personal favourites is the efficient StickyBrick Junior and it is no different to the others in the Sticky Brick collection in terms of quality and efficiency. The Sticky Brick Junior vape is a real heavy hitter in the StickyBrick arsenal and has become one of it’s most popular vaporizers. It’s a durable and robust vaporizer with a series of handy accessories that will make any vape enthusiasts dream come true while also providing some of the highest quality vapor on demand. The Sticky Brick Junior really is the complete portable vape station.

Like all other StickyBrick products, the Sticky Brick Junior was built with the intentions of producing the thickest, 100% pure convection vapor on demand. The Junior vape can produce vapor nearly on demand with the use of the butane torch which is included with all Sticky Brick vaporizers. The butane torch is used and the Sticky Brick Junior can reach perfect vaping temperatures in a matter of seconds which is ultra convenient.

Like all other Sticky Brick products, the Sticky Brick Junior is constructed from beautiful all natural hardwood and is manufactured in North Carolina, USA. Each piece of the Sticky Brick Junior is held together securely using magnets which makes it an extremely accessible vape, this also leads to a beautiful flush finish on the piece. Another of the many benefits to using the magnets in order to hold the pieces in place is that it requires nearly zero maintenance to keep this vaporizer clean and to a high standard.

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer – Features

The StickyBrick Junior Vaporizer comes with only the best, top quality Simax Borosilicate glass which ensures the production of pure, quality and tasty vapor.
The Sticky Brick Junior Vape is an elegant piece that will appeal to many and it is also perfect for using as a portable or home vaporizer because it is so accessible to all users – regardless of experience..
Each brick is secured together by magnets – which leads to effortless maintenance and upkeep.

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer – Temperature Control

This is where the Sticky Brick Junior (and most of the StickyBrick collection) differ from a lot of other vaporizers on the market. Where the majority of vaporizers on the market today operate with a form of battery operated heating element, the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer on the other hand, uses a torch as its primary source of heat. (The butane torch is included with the Sticky Brick Junior Vape – as with all Sticky Brick products). With this kind of heating element there are many factors which come into play in order to get that perfect hit, such as: controlling how large the flame is on your torch, how far away the flame is from the intake tube, and also how fast the user draws from the vape. Once you have found a temperature process that suits your vaping needs and produces vapor of a quality that you are happy with and enjoy, the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer will reach its full potential.

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Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer – Vapor Quality

The Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer has the fantastic ability to produce a lot of vapor with little to no effort. It takes little to no effort to get the most satisfying hits and draws from the Sticky Brick Vape. Even experienced vapers who have massive experience in the world of vaping, have recommended the Sticky Brick Junior Vape as the sheer volume of vapor that you can produce can be found nearly no where else on the market.

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G.O. (New South Wales)
Not worth it for me!

Having been searching for a decent vape now, for several years,used the stickybrick and other vapes and l've gone back to the good old hookah, found that the vapes, desktop and portable, but they don't deliver the volume of smoke that a hookah provides, but each to their own,my friends like it, just not for me.