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The Runt Dry Herb Vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs.

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Sticky Brick The Runt Vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs – Cherry


The Runt is the newest device from Sticky Brick Labs. Don’t let the diminutive size fool you, this thing delivers. Smaller then the OG and sharing some similarities to the Junior, the Runt is a hard hitter. The mouthpiece also works with the Junior and our bent flame intake will work with both devices. The Runt ships with our standard accessory pack including a torch (shipped empty), two carb corks, two stainless stir sticks along with two wooden sticks, six screens, and two Restrictor Discs.



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D. (Western Australia)
Small heavy hitter

This is a great unit, I ended up using a tri flame torch I got with my dynavap m instead of the packaged single flame eagle torch. Once I got the hang of it, I was nearly clearing the bowl in one hit. The flavour is great, and the effects are even better. Once you get over the learning curve, this device is amazing. It is a bit hungry, so will go through herb a lot quicker than a dynavap, but wow.

m.h. (Victoria)
sticky brick runt

I think it's well made and should last a long time I did not buy it for myself I got it for friends that visit I like them to smoke healthy I think vaping is safe than smoking its made out of wood Cherry tree Cherry seeds are poison so is maply tree its a lot safer than battery power it runs on butane gas what more can you want its a like magic flying lunch box better heating once it's broken in it Should be a lot better it's much better than smoke bongs but people that smoke bongs seam to get a lot higher probably coz that burns at 500 degrees