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XVape FOG PRO true convection vaporizer technology.

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XMAX – XVape FOG PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer Australia


Dual Use Convection Vaporizer – for Botanicals and Concentrate

A vaporizer for the true aficionado, the XVAPE FOG PRO is a 100% convection vaporizer that fits into the palm of you hand. The Fog is the only choice for those with the most discriminating of tastes. From its sleek black anodized aluminum case, to  its jewel-grade Zirconia mouthpiece, true state of the art convection technology, and its removable battery, every part of the XVAPE FOG PRO was designed to be the ultimate representation of perfection in vaping.

The flavor provided by the FOG PRO convection vape is a gourmet delight that must be experienced to be believed. The cutting-edge convection chamber provides a nearly instant heat-up time which prevents direct contact between heat source and dry botanicals. The XVAPE FOG PRO Promises to be the most sought after convection vape available.

XVAPE Fog Pro Convection Vaporizer

When the standard dry herb vape isn’t enough. When taste has to be perfect every time. When you want the smoothest vapor. The only choice is the XVape Fog Pro dual use vaporizer. With an internal convection chamber, full digital control temperature, instant heat-up time, quick release removable battery, and a hinge-flip top for easy vaping, the Fog Pro vaporizer offers the highest class experience.

The Fog Pro convection vaporizer offers the purest vaping you will find at any price point.

True Convection Heating

No single vaporizer feature is more important than its heating technology. Inefficient heating techniques, or improper exposure of dry herb to heat source, will always offer a poor vaping experience. XVape has solved those problems with its Fog Pro dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. Featuring the cutting-edge of convection vape technology, the Fog Pro offers an even thermal vape which maintains the integrity of its contents and preserving their flavor.

Rechargeable – Removable Battery Pack

A charging vaporizer is a vaporizer that cannot be used, and down time is wasted time. The XVape Fog Pro convection vape solves that problem with a removable 18650mAh Samsung battery. Vaping and running low on power? Just swap out one rechargeable battery for another and you’re back up and running in seconds. Better yet, the batteries are small, easy to carry in pocket or purse, and convenient. Don’t let a lack of power keep you from your dry herb or concentrate.



  • True convection technology
  • Full digital control temperatures
  • Zirconia Jewelry-grade mouthpiece
  • Durable and Sleek Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Magnetic top for easy access
  • Less than 10 second heat-up time
  • Temperature Range (212°F – 428°F)
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery with USB-C Fast Charger
  • Includes concentrate cup for 2-in-1 use

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Customer Reviews

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C.S. (South Australia)
Nice peice of equipment!!

I have been using these vapes for 3 yrs, i bought another one of these guys, so happy tp find these guys, great stock, easy to talk with, i have CIDP need my flowers instead of main pharmacy equipment ( becareful of doctors who wear :Pfizer Neck ties!!

Purchase from here no problem with equipment ! you found a good shop.

j.e. (New South Wales)
Brillant, well designed, a few negatives.

This was my first vape and it worked wonders. Its so compact and so inclusive that it still sets the standard for me, design wise; The near unbreakable zircon straw that folds up so neatly, the stirring stick that slots right in the bottom, the ability to take apart so much of it for cleaning. Having moved onto to a “better”, more expensive vape, i still miss many of these features.

But now for some cons. The way that the zircon straw attaches to the top piece leaves a sharp zircon edge in direct contact with the internal silicone sleeve; causing the silicone to wear out over time, and reducing the snugness and stability of the straw, i’ve found myself on my hands and knees looking for a straw that had fallen on the floor in the middle of a session more than i’d care to.
In addition; the latch for the battery chamber wore down over time, causing the battery connection to sometimes fail in the middle of sessions
And finally; the plasticy smoke path insert is too narrow, making it very difficult to clean, and causing resin build
(I also want to second the common theory that it runs about 10c hotter than it says it does)

All in all its a very good upper-entry class vape. And good for anyone that wants a decent travel vape, but not quite up-to longterm daily use.

C. (New South Wales)

I think this will be wonderfully thank you guys will enjoy my vaping

K.S. (Western Australia)
Fog Pro

My first vape. Selected after researching and talking to other vape converts. This little beauty is everything I wanted in efficiency and ease of maintenance. User friendly af!

S.H. (New South Wales)
Great vap

It's easy to use, easy to clean , very happy with my purchase!!

D. (South Australia)
Happy with it

Easy to use. Personally like the variable temp and easy cleaning.

A. (Victoria)
Very happy with it

I've been using my fog pro for about 18 months and am very happy with it. I like the adjustable temperature and replaceable battery.
I am a light user, only about twice a week and it's great for me as it works well with just a small amount of flower (I typically fill it with 0.1g).
As a light user I find it easy to clean with just a cotton bud and alcohol the morning after each use. Once every six weeks or so I pull the top bits apart and soak the pieces in a little container with alcohol to clean those.
Shaking the container too vigorously last night I broke the little black guide piece (my bad) but was rapt to find that I could buy replacement parts so it only cost $15 to fix. Super happy with that as a sustainable and affordable option to replacing the whole unit!
Would definitely recommend the fog pro.
Only reason I've given 4 rather than 5 stars is the magnets that hold the lid on could do with being a bit stronger. I put an elastic band around mine top to bottom. A small drop can knock the top off and as I use it in bed the elastic is less annoying than getting half burnt flower in my sheets ✌🏻